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Lemnos Wine Cellars
Lemnos Wine Cellars

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The most ancient evidences of vineyard in the island, also, constitute the first categorical information for sea routes of wine trade in Aegean.

Since then, wine, together with cereals, doesn’t cease being classified among the main products of the island, with satisfying surplus for exports.

Ancient dwellers of Hephaestia had represented exactly the importance of local wine production through minting, sometimes with the head of Dionysus and sometimes with a bunch of grapes.

Wines of Lemnos

Dry White Wine, Semi-dry White and Semi-sweet, Muscat of Lemnos, Sweet White, Sweet Natural, from choice vineyards, Aegean Dry White, Dry Red, Dry Rosé, Retsina and those of first quality, of biological cultivation, Aroma of Lemnos and Oaken Aroma of Lemnos.

The varieties of the island are as follows:

  1. Muscat of Alexandria, which has relatively thin and great grapes and in Greece is cultivated exclusively in Lemnos. These grapes have pips and are exceptionally delicious, while, if become dry in the sun, give a savory raisin. The idea of producing sweet wine from the specific variety is due to its property of having high sugar content.
  2. Red ancient Greek variety of Lemnos, which is called kalampaki by the locals.
  • Wine producers of the island

    Wine producers of the island

    Wine producers of the island. Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Lemnos and other wine producers of the island.
  • Raki distilleries: raki of Lemnos

    Rakaria - Raki distilleries: raki of Lemnos

    Raki distilleries: raki of Lemnos: After finishing the pumping from pits, they covered the rest of the grapes with a layer of dry seaweeds, so that to secure the necessary humidity, resealed the nozzle with the stone plug and straw-mud, left in that way for about one and a half-two months.
  • Winemaking techniques wines

    Winemaking techniques

    For wine transportation at home, they decanted it usually in small barrels and they used great pitchers, the so-called sourlades. These were initially imported to the island, but later they began constructing them in potters’ workshop of neighboring Kotsinas.
  • Varieties of  Lemnos Wines

    Vineyard of Lemnos

    Vineyard of Lemnos. Just like most of luxury wines of Greek Antiquity were known with the name of their production place, wine of Lemnos also did: “The vineyards of Lemnos” sang the chorus of farmers of Attiki in “Peace” by Aristophanes, and Polydefkis, in “Nominal”, is also referred to the “vineyard of Lemnos”.
  • Vintage in Lemnos

    Vintage in Lemnos

    Vintage in Lemnos. According to weather conditions, around 15th-20th September, the vintage had taken place mainly by women, while the simultaneous grapes’ pressing had been made mostly by men.