Tsimantria – Kalliopi – Lychna

  • Tsimantria

It' s here

After Diapori, you meet the village of Kechagiades Tsimantria –from where comes the gallant dance of Lemnos. The entrance of the village will impress you, because it constitutes a great road of about one kilometer, which is planted with towering trees on both sides. At the village there is a good tavern where its owner, if he is in the mood, will play for you traditional lyre.

Then, follow the earth-road, towards Paraportiano. When you see the sign Kozakiko Cemetery, turn right again on earth-road and go in the plain. You will meet a marshy area full of birds and the old German hospital, an abandoned but impressive building with fallen roof, weedy walls and windows from which wild figs flush out…like a picture coming of old cinema. From high, on the right you see Alogonisi and on the left the port of Nea Koutali.

The view remains panoramic and the glance arrives till the airport and surrounding beaches. Here, you meet a settlement with housing estates built by the army and faraway, you may see many windmills. The village Kalliopi lies 13km on the left of the central road and right then the village Lychna.

Take a look at the impressive windmill, which dominates over the hill. If you reach at the area late in the afternoon, from the bay of Moudros, its lights are the first you will meet and look like oil lamps (lychnia in Greek) –from where derives its name.

  • Diapori


    If after Kontias you turn right, before ECO petrol station, you will meet an earth-road. You will pass from fields, where there are tasteful detached houses, and you will arrive at a natural, leeward and safe for great ships, port of Diapori.
  • Palio Pedino – Neo Pedino

    Another one beautiful, but abandoned (since the earthquake of 1968) stone village. In recent years, some enthusiasts restore the ruins, in order to remake it the most beautiful of the island.
  • Livadochori

    Kallithea – Livadochori

    Kallithea is built on the slope of a small hill, very close to the sea of Moudros and has a panoramic view. The first mutual teaching school of the island functioned here, in 1868.
  • Kontias


    After beautiful Nevgatis, the road leads to the picturesque great village Kontias, capital of the Municipality of Nea Koutali, which is one of the most beautiful in Greece.
  • Portianou

    A picturesque village with stone mansions. The visit to its folklore museum, where you have a taste of the area’s civilization, is necessary.
  • Small port of Kontias – Megali Paranisia

    Just before you leave the central road for Diapori, turn right and you arrive at the picturesque small port of Kontias. If you choose the earth-road, the lake accompanies you all along the route, while your glance is lost in the sea and bay of Diapori.
  • Αγκαρυώνες, Καλλιθέα

    An exceptional panoramic view of the village, as it is built on a hill.
  • Peninsula of Fakos


    It’s time for some new experiences, while the ecological routes in Fakos and Saint Efthymia start from Diapori. A natural narrow canal between the bay of Moudros and Diapori leads to the peninsula of Fakos, with many chapels.