The People

Thanos, lemnos
  • Thanos, lemnos
  • Kontopouli, lemnos
  • Kontopouli, lemnos

Severe scenery, simple people: Lemnos has a minimalistic beauty at all levels. Islanders of authentic finesse, who consider themselves to be descendants of Argonauts, kindly and hospitable. They move completely in their own slow rhythms, without anxiety that deplores the dwellers of big cities.

Most of the people of Lemnos, from ancient years, are occupied mostly with agriculture and cattle-breeding.

The Asia Minor element dominates in some villages, while several of their dwellers found there a refuge after their persecution from the opposite coastline and their houses.

  • Women of Lemnos

    Many people say that these women are endowed with the charm of Circe, who herself devised it to them, when she visited their island.
  • Emigration

    It is said that most of prosperous people of Lemnos left the island in 1770, together with their families, in order to survive from atrocities by troops of Hassan Chatzis Jetzaerlis, and they took refuge in Egypt, the then “promised land”, where they made a great fortune.
  • Κεχαγιάδες, Λήμνος

    Kechagiades (Cattle-breeders)

    In Lemnos, since very old times, the social structure of each place was characterized by the presence of traditional cattle-breeder.