Platy beach

Platy beach
Platy beach
  • Platy Lemnos
  • Platy Limnos

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It constitutes one of the most beautiful sandy beaches –very close to the city- that gathers most of the people. The area is developed touristically more and more. You may enjoy with your family the beach with its parasols, deckchairs, beat bars and sea sports.

  • Lemnos village

    Lemnos Village

    Lemnos village: One of the most famous beaches of the island is the one that lies in front of the hotel “Lemnos Village”. Very clear sandy beach, where all set is offered to searching good-liver tourists, and of course, an all type organization with deckchairs, parasols and sea sports.
  • Beach Avlonas


    Avlonas: It is the first gulf after Richa Nera, with marvelous sandy beach, for more tranquil swim. Neighboring volcanic islets constitute an ideal place for spearfishers. It also offers sports for kids and adults and bars with iced beers and snacks. The VIP hotel “PORTO MYRINA PALACE” is built over Avlonas.
  • Beach of Saint Paul – Nevgatis

    Continue the road, always southeasterly. Highly, you may see the bay of Saint Paul.
  • Richa Nera

    Richa Nera

    Richa Nera: It is the most social beach of Myrina, where the impressive cluster “AKTI MYRINA” lies, nearby Romeikos Shore. Its target group includes children and older people and offers relaxation in beach bars or sports along waves.
  • Beach of Thanos

    Beach of Thanos

    Beach of Thanos:It is distinguished, popular and trendy. The heart of tourist season beats here: innumerable rental rooms, taverns, cafés, straw parasols, wooden tables, deckchairs, music choices in mainstream situations, but also nudism –if that’s what you want- in a special beach.
  • Ai-Yannis


    Ai-Yannis: It constitutes another one favorite and particularly famous beach with exceptionally clear waters. As you go down the edge of the beach you meet “Cave”, a trim coffee-bar which resembles to a real cave, which is waiting for you near the sandy beach, just in the shade of a rock.