Plagisou Mole – Saint Paraskevi – Beach of Thanos

From this point on and following the central artery, the area has to show off wonderful sandy beaches and magic creeks; Plagisou Mole and the leeward organized beach of Saint Paraskevi. Make a stop for a revitalizing plunge into clear waters of this area, which during summer throbs with life as it constitutes the favorite tourists’ destination. Saint Paraskevi is the chapel that dominates at the opposite hill.

About 2km away, you will meet Thanos, an exquisite hanging village. Promenade along the beautiful square, with the impressive church of Saint Paraskevi, enjoy the high view and discover its magnificent beach with crystal waters.

  • Platy , Lemnos


    If you drive 2km southerly of Myrina, you meet the picturesque Platy. It is said that in ancient times a castle was at its position. With narrow streets and beautiful houses, this village is built on a hill and scans the infinity of Aegean.
  • Kaspakas, Lemnos


    It constitutes a doll’s village, like those of a cart-postal. Hung on the hillside of Mount Saint Athanasios and hidden by the sea (those who built it, wanted to protect it from pirates), certainly constitutes one of the must-go-there of the island.
  • Kaspakas

    Kornos – Kaspakas – Avlonas – Ai-Yannis Bay

    Following the central road, always northeasterly, turn left and you reach at Kornos, a marvelous amphitheatrical noble village, with impressive houses of people from Lemnos who lived in Egypt. The village took its name from a spring of its square.
  • Romeikos Seashore

    The quarter of Romeikos Seashore

    Romeikos Seashore. You should know that this location, beyond its historical uniqueness, constitutes the most modern meeting point of the island and it really takes off the special lifestyle of Lemnos. Enjoy it without any hesitation!