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Nevgatis, Zematas, Lemnos
Nevgatis or Zematas
  • Nevgatis, Zematas, Lemnos
  • Nevgatis - Zematas - Lemnos

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Nevgatis or Zematas

As you are nearby Kontias, take the route to another known beach, the one of Nevgatis or Zematas. Enjoy its deep blue waters and take a sandbath over its marvelous fine sand, which lies along 2km approximately.

It operates with sea sports, bars and nice food, so it is a place that may hold you from morning till night. Here, you may find the “moving” ship of Harris, a beat café-bar restaurant, open only during summers. It is literally a big ship with wheels, which goes back and forth the sand! It constitutes one of the most amusing and must haunts. Moreover, here, you will find sea sports, parasols and deckchairs.