Lemnos ground

Traditional Product of Lemnia GI
Traditional Product of Lemnia GI

Simplicity and quality

Seek only for the authentic. Shops that the locals are frequenting constitute the secret and guarantee for tasting the best. And don’t ever think that haunts, which can satisfy the most demanding palates, are a few.

Even in the remotest villages, you may find a small café to drink raki (alcoholic beverage) accompanied by a snack. Many times people may offer you something and you may feel in your skin the spontaneous hospitality, which in other places, unfortunately, is gone.

As Lemnos constitutes one of the richest islands of Aegean (since ancient years it was almost self-sufficient), it has a remarkable gastronomy, which is preserved at very good levels because of the lack of mass tourism. Here, cheap Greek mousaka is unknown, even in the most tourist areas, while food remain authentic and is based on exceptional source materials of the island, during the whole year.

In any case, the island already disposes of the world-wide tendency that longs for the authentic simplicity. Cuisine of Lemnos presents a unique wealth, which remains untouched by commercialization and “of shorts”.

The basic influences of the island’s gastronomy come from central Greece and its islands, Asia Minor and Egypt.

People of Lemnos, who from ancient years were farmers and cattle-breeders, prepare their food with local products and follow a nutrition similar to their island’s scenery: frugal and simple. Nowadays, what is considered to be “must” at world-wide level, for the dwellers of Lemnos is the self-evident for centuries now.

Wheat, legumes, milk products, vegetables, pork, kid and lamb meat, chicken, hunting, fish and seafood (the most delicious of Aegean) abound in this land, in contradiction of veal, which is rare, while calves are very little in the island. Cheese pies and yellow pumpkin are fantastic.

  • Pits–sculptured earthenware jams

    Pits–sculptured earthenware jams

    Till the beginning of the 60’s and in parallel with other traditional techniques, at three neighboring villages, in the depth of the bay of Moudros, they used a singular practice for the preparation of wine.
  • Where to eat at Lemnos

    Where to eat

    Taverns are waiting for you lined up along the wharf of the picturesque port, nearby the small boats with old hulls, in order to offer you original snacks, day and night. Here, you won’t find a tourist attraction, but you will feel the power of daily life of permanent dwellers, who know how to enjoy life.
  • Traditional Product of Lemnia GI

    Traditional Product of Lemnia GI

    The traditional homemade noodles are made of wheat, milk and eggs. Their preparation demanded a joint work and so housekeepers were going sometimes in one house sometimes in another in every neighborhood and among songs, gossips and anecdotes, they kneaded and opened their pastry sheet. It’s not impossible for this habit to be kept till today, in some villages.