• Myrina, Lemnos

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Lemnos, as a crossing of civilizations, was sung by Homer and endowed by Hephaestus, who taught its dwellers the art of copper.

Admire the findings of Poliochni, the oldest city of Europe (5000 B.C.).

Learn of dwellers’ traditional economic activities (agriculture, cattle-breeding, viticulture, beekeeping, fishery, sponge-fishery, commerce).

Feel the sand lashing your face: its waves being mountain high, its taste being salty, and its salt being like a summer snow, in a rare landscape with myriads of crystals playing on the sunlight.

The island of Lemnos

Nature, villages, sights, haunts, people, architecture, seasons!

The whole island, stripped of forests and tree vegetation, lies in the northeast Aegean like a huge grassland. It consists of vast cultivated expanses, many slopes of brushwood, thorny burnet and dense fragrant thymes, where it owes its amazing sweet-smelling and fine honey.

Nature disposes of an interesting multiformity, which is expressed uniquely through petty details. Dentelated coastlines, small and big gulfs, capes, bays, Petalidi, Keros, Kavalari, Agios Sozon, Fourni, Kompi, Fakos, Stavros, the bay of Kontias, Agios Pavlos, Platy, the cape of Petasos, the bay of Kaspakas, Mourtzouflos.

The naked landscape, the sweet smell of grass, whether it is dry during summer or bright-green the other seasons, the simplicity and minimalistic refinement of the place, win you all at once.

Island for all seasons

It is offered for many trips during the year. You will be surprised by its unexpected winter atmosphere; you will be fascinated by its spring and autumn colors and sweet smells and you will be “confused” pleasantly by its summers, because you will not know among which of its unlimited suggestions and experiences to choose first.


The landscape…simply incomparable!

Everything composes a primitive, intact and plentifully exhilarating landscape, which surrounds you from the first time you arrive at the island.

  • Venetian aroma in cities and villages
  • Picturesque country churches
  • Vast beaches, with fine sand, Posidonia meadows or pebbles.
  • Rock lands
  • Caves
  • Crystal waters
  • Diamond coastlines
  • Rare dunes
  • Imposing masses of low and sharp relief hills
  • Vast cultivated expanses
  • “Forgotten” windmills everywhere
  • Great bays with shallow waters
  • Coastal swamps
  • Rocks – among which, one of the rarest petrified and unexplored forests of the earth
  • Vast biotopes
  • Mossy steppe vegetation, new and impressive for Greece
  • Nature

    This gifted place, also, hides a large variety of precious ecosystems. Its volcanic landscapes, wetlands full of migratory birds, sand dunes far away from the sea, grasslands rich in quarries and indigenous plants, and its waterfalls reveal an exquisite beauty and uniqueness. Arriving at the island via airplane or boat, a different air welcomes you. Your visit to Lemnos is accompanied by an inevitable and fascinating
  • Thanos, lemnos

    The People

    Severe scenery, simple people: Lemnos has a minimalistic beauty at all levels. Islanders of authentic finesse, who consider themselves to be descendants of Argonauts, kindly and hospitable. They move completely in their own slow rhythms, without anxiety that deplores the dwellers of big cities.
  • Myrina, Lemnos

    How to get

    You can fly with Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines from Athens (every day), from Thesalloniki (every day except from Sunday). There are also flights from and to Mytilene and Rhodes every day except from Friday and Sunday and to Samos every Tuesday and Saturday.