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Passing from the hillside of Kouraka, you meet the village Kaminia. It is said that here there were once furnaces, where people fired earthen pots.

At the square, full of acacias, in the exceptional tavern of Andreas, you will stuff yourself with grilled chops and various snacks. A very beautiful church dominates in the middle of the village. Kaminia constitutes one of the oldest villages of the island and lies very close to the archaeological site of Poliochni.

There, excavations’ findings, made by Italian archaeologists since 1930, show seven successive beds of cities, built one over the other –something that indicates a civilization of 5,000 years old. Once you are there, it’s worth visiting it.

The famous “Stele of Kaminia” was found in the ruins of the church of Saint Alexandros, in the area of Sokastro, and constitutes a Pelasgic-Tyrrhenian inscription, which hasn’t been translated yet. The village is known for its anise of exceptional quality, which is necessary for the preparation of ouzo and red wine, from the variety of kalampaki (black grapes) of Lemnos.

  • Fysini

    Fysini – Small port of Aya – Saint Marnos

    Fysini is a small, almost deserted, village full of mulberries. It took its name from the strong winds of the area. Leaving it behind, you go towards the small port of Aya.
  • Repanidi


    It is the next village of the fertile plain. It comprises of so many acorns that during Turkish domination it exported them in tanneries of West.
  • Statue of Maroulla , Lemnos


    You reach at the port of particular beauty of Kotsinas from the central road. There are still traces of the Byzantine city, over which the church of Life-Giving Spring is built.
  • Roussopouli


    It is situated southeasterly of Moudros and is built amphitheatrically on a hillside. Going there you meet rocks of amazing colors, but also Chortarolimni, a vast wetland of 3,500,000m2 approximately.
  • Keros

    Keros, Chortarolimni,Alyki

    Keros constitutes an extraordinary beach, of about 5km, with sand dunes, between the two lakes of the island and right in the middle of the fertile plain.
  • Παρθενόμυτος

    Parthenomytos – Skidi – Skandali

    Parthenomytos is stone built with many folds and constitutes an exceptionally impressive village in the middle of nowhere.
  • Saint Sofia

    Saint Sofia

    As you enter to the village, you meet a grocery –former café, which now functions only as a raki distillery. There, dwellers of neighboring villages go in turn and distil their raki. If you find someone there, he may offer you a tot of raki.
  • Κοντοπούλι


    It lies nearby Alyki and Chortarolimni and constitutes a large village with stone houses, yards, dry melon fields, exceptional church and great atmosphere