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Bird Watching, Lemnos
Bird Watching
  • Bird Watching, Lemnos

Phoenicopterus: the Pink Flamingo

It is an exotic pink coloring wading bird, which use its peculiar beak as a strainer and feeds its young ones with a liquid like milk. Listen to their flight and admire their great pink plumage, high legs, height, longneck and particular shape of their head.

Those are considered to be the most beautiful and imposing “visitors” of Lemnos, in hospitable wetlands of which they’re looking for a shelter every year.

  • Ruddy Shelduck

    Lesser Kestrel

    It is a kestrel that isn’t afraid of people and is in danger of paying this forfeit of its disappearance. It comes in Lemnos in spring and at the end of August flies southerly to Sahara for wintering.Although the area has great ecological importance, it hasn’t managed yet to attract alternative tourism.