Atsiki, Lemnos
  • Atsiki, Lemnos
  • Atsiki , Lemnos

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At the central plain of the island and 22km away from Myrina, towards the airport, there is one of the most ancient and rich villages of Lemnos. Atsiki, which was built on a fertile and great plain, constitutes the capital of the homonymous municipality.

It is said that its name derives from the paraphrase of Attiki. This beautiful great village has the greatest church tower in the island, at the church of Saint Georgios.

Rich in cattle-breeding products, cereals and grapes, it disposes of a women confectionery association, which functions with great success in recent years. Make a visit to its shop –it is considered to be must- and taste delicious traditional sweets, cookies, rusks, breads, but also exceptional handmade pasta.

Moreover, a factory of local lemonades and orangeades functions in the area –one of the few to be left in Greece.

What to see:

  • Sand Dunes – Pachies Ammoudies (Thick Sandy Beaches) in Katalakkos
  • Chapel of Virgin Mary in Gomati
  • Cultural Center of St. Dimitrios
  • Church tower of St. Georgios
  • Daphne, Lemnos


    An amphitheatrical village, built among hills planted all over with thymes. It is said that never came here a Turk during Turkish domination.
  • Αγ. Δημήτριος, Λήμνος

    Saint Dimitrios

    It is a village with refugees from Reis Dere of Erythrea in Asia Minor. People of Lemnos say that here “people follow their own path”.
  • Katalakko, Lemnos


    From the central road and northwesterly, you meet another one small, but amazing village, Katalakkos. If you won’t arrive in the depths of the gully, you can’t see it.