The architectural “treasures” of Lemnos constitute evidence of its cultural existence: from stone mansions in Romeikos Seashore and its imposing and quaint churches, to its simple folds, all constitute “extracts” of popular architectural wisdom, so old as well as Poliochni. But, let’s see them in parts:

  • The traditional house of Lemnos, the hut, is distinguished not only for the simplicity and right study of its areas’ decoration, but also for its harmonious combination with natural environment. Moreover, it disposes of one floor and fireplace, where is the cooking corner. The two-storied house (cellar, as auxiliary place and upper floor as a house) with external stone stairs constitutes an evolution of this hut. Most of them are stone-built and later with tiles, which gives to the island great picturesqueness.
  • Country churches, which overpass 400 and lie interspersed like wild flowers, among the island.
  • Threshing floors and windmills obstinately withstand to time and stand up in an effort to keep alive the good old times.
  • Bridges, dovecotes, war memorials, stone-sculptures, wells and springs, carry an indelible spot of this area’s architecture and particularity.  


  • Stockyards of Lemnos

    Stockyards of Lemnos

    The stone-built, well-structured and roofed stockyards are in their majority big complexes of unrivalled architectural value. They are built interspersed among the island with such an orientation to protect from north wind and serve specific needs.