The island

  • Ai-Stratis

It' s here

The island of Ai-Stratis constitutes an energy and impressively idyllic scenery, left at the dreamlike peacefulness of Archipelagos. It is overgrown with forests of oak-tree and disposes of many kilometers of sand.

The islet of northeasterner Aegean will relax and enrapture you, faraway from noisy ports, hordes of mass tourism, beaches crammed with parasols and deckchairs.

Deep blue seas, shining golden beaches, emerald rocks, fishes and lobsters in a few picturesque taverns of this unique settlement.

Dream of the traveler, the whole island looks like being suspended somewhere between Lesvos, Skyros, Lemnos and Sporades. It has a surface of 49km2 and population 300 inhabitants approximately. This island took its name from a monk, who cloistered exiled, there, during the 19th century.

  • Beaches


    The most easily accessible beach is the one that lies exactly in front of the settlement.
  • Gastronomy of the island

    Gastronomy of the island

    Here, gastronomy hits at the rhythms of fresh lobsters, rock red mullets –from the most rare of Aegean as to the delicious taste- and sea breams. It constitutes a fish place of high tasty standards.
  • Lifestyle in Ai-Stratis

    Lifestyle in Ai-Stratis

    At this tranquil place, its few shops are enough to give their own lifestyle, in a formerly exile place, which today has all recommendations to become a small holiday paradise.
  • Dwellers of Ai Stratis


    A few dwellers, hospitable, pure and smiley emit a Zen atmosphere of another era. Trust their experience –many of them and their families travelled or lived in other places of Greece or abroad, searching for a better fate.
  • Ai Stratis

    Useful for the visitor

    Nowadays, there are about 200 beds in the island.
  • Pure and virgin place

    Pure and virgin place

    The certain is that travelers who finally arrive here are in danger of revealing themselves without compunction, because together with the revelation of this imperious rampart, they will be found in front of an absolutely authentic place that raises internal processes.
    For many of us, it constitutes a famous place for the exiles during the difficult years of political juxtapositions in Greece.